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Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape Capstone BF RDA

The Vandy Vape Capstone BF RDA is the latest masterpiece made in conjunction with Vape Happy. Featuring a unique capstone build deck, with spring-loaded action, working in conjunction with the waterfall squonk action and Ramp Airflow System. Measuring in at 24mm, the Capstone BF RDA implements a special grooved texture top cap with stunning impression that truly stands out, with the optional Frosted PC Comp Cap for more subtle use. The Capstone BF RDA has a special spring-loaded build deck with an intuitive design in which an expanding pyramid-shaped capstone can be used to sandwich the coil leads. It is properly secured and fastened via a single vertical knurled at the very top. After setting the coils and cotton, the Ramp Airflow System allows for a concentrating air path by creating an inlet of desired airflow via trapezoidal slots at the base. This produces astonishing vapor production while maintaining high-level of flavors. The Vandy Vape Capstone is also great for squonking due to the design of the build deck, creating a waterfall action in which the squonked e-liquid cascades down the sides of the internal capstone and onto the wicks.

Main Features:


  1. Waterfall squonk action
  2. Single screw, spring loaded, Capstone deck
  3. Ramp Airflow System
  4. 1 piece PC comp cap
  5. Dual slotted trapezoid airflow (single / dual coil compatible)
  • Height: 38mm
  • Width: 24mm
  • Depth: 6mm
  • Weight: 105g

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