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The Mini achieves pure and satisfying vapor by combining an advanced conductive ceramic baking chamber and diffused airflow. Powered by a high-capacity LG/Samsung Li-ion battery, the V5 Mini provides top quality performance paired with an impressive 2 hours of usage time per charge. Incredible battery life, ultra pocketable and brilliantly simple to operate - the FlowerMate V5 Mini is a true game changer. The FlowerMate V5 Mini is configured to run at a (self-regulated) medium to high-level temperature to prevent combustion at all times. Many other devices cause herbs to combust and therefore destroy many of their key elements; the V5 Mini produces only pure vapor, without many of the harmful chemical compounds found in smoke. The V5 Mini edition of the FlowerMate offers three preset temperatures: Blue-385F Purple-400F Red-415F

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