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RELX Pod System Flavor Pods - Pack of 3

Flavors Available:

Mint - The feeling of excitement when you're out before the crack of dawn. The chill in the air, a welcoming friend just like the icy mint vapor tantalizing your senses. Nothing is impossible and everything is up for grabs. RELX, the day is already yours. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.

Ludou Ice - Warm summer evenings spent playing outside ending with a classic sweet treat, or tales of immersive trips in East Asia that involves a new gastronomic discovery... Ludou desserts win anyone over with a subtle, fresh taste made more potent in e-liquid form. RELX and make new memories, or let old ones blanket you with sugary nostalgia. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.

Icy Slush - Stay cool with this chilling ice cold blast of slush with menthol added.

Tangy Purple - A sweet yet tart grape flavor overflowing with succulent grape juice.

Fresh Red - Spend your hot summer nights with this sweet blend of watermelon and ice cold mint. Refresh and invigorate your life with Watermelon Mint. A splash of menthol added for extra coolness.

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