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Apple Silk  Salt Nic Bushels of sweet, freshly picked apples dusted with a hintof cinnamon and blended with early harvest wheat. Apple Silk is the sweet-tart treat you have been waiting for Does not contain BENZOIC ACID

NEW: ALIEN COILS  3X 26/36g N80 Aliens 0.12ohm set of 2 26g Aliens 0.12Ω Two 26g Alien coils x3 28g cores 36g wrap Resistance of 0.12Ω with two coils installed 3mm i.d (resistance varies on lead length) Best for regulated devices Rda   3X 28/36g N80 Aliens .15ohm set of 2...

24/36g N80 Fused Clapton 0.09ohm 24g Fused Clapton  Two 24g Fused Clapton coils Resistance of 0.09Ω with two coils Installed 2.4mm i.d (resistance varies on lead length) Best For mechanical Rda/Rta 26/36g N80 Fused Clapton 0.15ohm  26g Fused Clapton Two 26g Fused Clapton coils Resistance is 0.15Ω With Two coils Installed...

StrawberrySilk Salt Nic Previously known as Donut Silk  Smooth and sweet with a hint of strawberry. Get ready to welcome Strawberry Silk’s Sugar Rush with open arms. Does not contain BENZOIC ACID

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