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Ceramic Tweezers Ceramic Tweezers

The Ceramic Vape Tweezers features tips that are made out of ceramic. It will withstand high temperatures which is a necessity for the builder. These Tweezers are also very flexible for a comfortable grip when rebuilding coils. Non-magnetic. Resists all chemicals except hydrofluoric acids. Withstands temperatures up to 900°F. Heat sink...
Coil Cleaning Vape Brush Coil Cleaning Vape Brush

This Vape Brush is a must have for any dedicated DIY vaper.Great for cleaning coil dirt with the bristles and removing hot spots from fresh coils as well.
Coil Master 521 Plus Tab Coil Master 521 Plus Tab

The Coil Master 521 Plus Tab is a totally redesigned and multi-functional device continuing the heritage of former versions of the world famous tab line, in order to dry burn your coil, test the battery output and voltage, as well as checking each coils resistance value.The tab is compatible with...
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Curved Vape Tweezers Curved Vape Tweezers
Mini Tool Kit by GeekVape Mini Tool Kit by GeekVape

Mini Tool Kit: Size 160/96/33 mm. The newest GeekVape Mini Tool Kit includes 7 kinds of DIY tools: diagonal pliers, needle nose pliers, folding scissors, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, ceramic tweezer and Geekvape coiling kit. It comes with the most functional tools in a compact case and can meet all your DIY...

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