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Mixed Melons with Grape Fruit on ice

Chrome Edition purple - Ultra Grapefruit Lavender Much like the strawvocado was OG line,  Chrome's Purple Edition brings a new element to the Ultra lineup, inspired by a drink made in California, you'll find notes of citrus pair so well with the lavender.  Not a floral tasting vape but a...
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A Delicious Tri-melon on Blend Nicely Rounded with a Sweet yet Tangy Grapefruit
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Description : It started with a natural grapefruit and Italian lime… then we whipped into the mix ripe kiwi and some berries. The result was the perfect balance between sour and sweet. Available in 120mlPG/VG: 70/30 120 ML

A refreshing menthol infused raspberry grapefruit soda 

CHARLIE - Strawberry, Grapefruit And Menthol All Dr. Fog M Series Flavours Have 75% VG And 25% PG Ratio.

Sour grapefruit, tangy orange and sweet pomegranate tea.

A refreshing raspberry grapefruit soda that's perfect for beautiful summer weather. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

Mixed Melons with Grape Fruit

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