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Vladdin Refillable Pod Vaping System Vladdin starter kit available in six variations and comes with one refillable pod. The Vladdin is a portable and easy to use closed pod vaping system that delivers a consistent and efficient draw each and every time. This pod vaping system utilizes a ceramic coil without leakage that results...

ASVAPE DEFENDER ALL-IN-ONE KIT The Asvape Defender All-In-One Starter Kit is the latest uniquely crafted system in the pod vape segments, the Asvape Defender delivers a shield-inspired chassis with a juice capacity of 4 milliliters, 1200mAh rechargeable battery, and proprietary 0.3ohm Defender Coils. The Asvape Defender is designed with ergonomics and dependability in mind, the Asvape Defender is fully...

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