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A 5 pack of replacement 0.6OhM coils for the Aspire Breeze. The U-Tech design produces a rich, cool vapor. Please Note: Breeze U-tech coils are not interchangeable with Nautilus X U-tech coils Only can be used for Breeze These can only be used for the aspire Breeze Kit Since the device is...
Vladdin Refillable Pods Vladdin Refillable Pods

Vladdin Pods *Refillable pods available* Parameters Brand: Vladdin Capacity:1.5ml Resistance Range:1.2-1.5ohm
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1. The Horizon Falcon F1 0.2ohm coil is made of the 30% wood pulp and 70% cotton that recommended for the wattage 70-90W. F1 Falcon Coil - 3/Pack 0.2 ohm Parallel Coils Liquid Guiding Element 70% Cotton and 30% Wood Pulp 80W 2. The Horizon Falcon F2 0.2ohm coil is made...
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A 5 pack of replacement coils for your Nord Pod System Starter Kit. Available in: 1.4Ω 0.6Ω mesh 0.8Ω MTL mesh
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Designed for the TFV8 baby tank and Big baby tanksCoilsT6 0.2 ohm Sextuple Coil 50w - 240w 110w - 150w Recommended Range   T8 0.15ohm octuple coils 50-110W 60-80W Recommended Range X4 0.15ohm   Quadruple Coils 30-70W 45-60W Recommended Range Q2 0.4ohm Dual Coil 40-80w 55-65w Recommended Range Q2 0.6ohm Dual Coil 20-50w 30-40w Recommended...

V12 Prince-Q4 0.4ohm Quadruple Coils 40-100W BEST 60-80W V12 Prince T10 0.12ohm Decuple Coils 60W-120W BEST 80-110W V12 Prince-X6 0.15ohm Sextuple Coils 50-120W BEST 80-100W V12 Prince M4 0.17ohm Quad Coil 30-70w 45-55w Best

NEW: ALIEN COILS  3X 26/36g N80 Aliens 0.12ohm set of 2 26g Aliens 0.12Ω Two 26g Alien coils x3 28g cores 36g wrap Resistance of 0.12Ω with two coils installed 3mm i.d (resistance varies on lead length) Best for regulated devices Rda   3X 28/36g N80 Aliens .15ohm set of 2...

Also, Fits the Crown 3 Mini  NEW: 0.4ohm Restocked: 0.25ohm  Restocked: 0.5ohm

Single Mesh 0.15 Ohm coils 3/Pack (40-70w); Double Mesh 0.2 Ohm 3/Pack (60-90w); Triple Mesh 0.15 Ohm 3/Pack (80-110w). Quad Mesh 0.15 Ohm 3/Pack (80-120w).
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U2 Coils 0.4ohm (40-80W) U4 Coils 0.2ohm Dual Vertical Coil (50-120W) P2 Coils 0.6ohm Single Mesh Coil (24-28W)  N3 Coils 0.2ohm Triple Mesh Coil (65-100W) N2 Coils 0.23ohm Double Mesh Coil (45-80W)

24/36g N80 Fused Clapton 0.09ohm 24g Fused Clapton  Two 24g Fused Clapton coils Resistance of 0.09Ω with two coils Installed 2.4mm i.d (resistance varies on lead length) Best For mechanical Rda/Rta 26/36g N80 Fused Clapton 0.15ohm  26g Fused Clapton Two 26g Fused Clapton coils Resistance is 0.15Ω With Two coils Installed...
Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition Kendo Vape Cotton Gold Edition

100% Organic, Unbleached, Heat Resistant. Odorless, low Taste Retention, Easy to Wick. Superior Absorption. 2X Longer Lasting. Ready to Use. No Boiling Needed.  APPROX. 39in. (1m)

-Material is pre-cut to optimal sizes for less waste and improved ease of use -Not-so-small: 2" -Each bag contains approximately 6 feet of wicking material

Replacement coils for Aspire clearomizers / tanks using the Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC) technology or Bottom Dual Coil (BDC) technology. Available in 1.6/1.8 Ohms. Specifications: 1.8 ohm, 1.6ohm and 0.7ohm Bottom Vertical Coil Organic Cotton

RELX Pod System Flavor Pods - Pack of 3 Flavors Available: Mint - The feeling of excitement when you're out before the crack of dawn. The chill in the air, a welcoming friend just like the icy mint vapor tantalizing your senses. Nothing is impossible and everything is up for grabs....

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