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Tangerade - this sweet tangerine infused lemonade will take you on a trip down south for a tour in the orange groves

green energy drink

For Use in Cloud Beat TFV8 Tanks T6 0.2ohm Sextuple Coil 50-240w 110-150w Best T8 0.15ohm Octuple Coil 50-260w 120-180w Best T10 0.12ohm Deca Coil 50-300w 130-190w Best T12 0.12ohm DUODENARY Coil 60-350w 130-200w Best X4 .15ohm Quad Coil Double Barrel 60-150w 80-120w Best Q4.15 Quad Coil 50-180w 90-150w Best

Like an asteroid hurling towards the earth with devastating results, the coconut here explodes into the whipped cream and pie crust distributing its flavor beautifully through the mix. This is what we call beautiful khaos.
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The beast stalks silently in the night fog.  His target, moving quickly, is veiled by the lush foliage of the jungle plants. Crack. A false move and he’s detected. Our beast closes in on him...A rumble between the foes is about to emerge! Get ready for it with this delicious...

A mix of fresh pomegranates and scrumptious acai berries that will have you saying DAM all day long.

The sweet peachy rings of gummy saturn

Almost as rare as the element itself. This flavour is a sweet and smooth lemon filling, topped with a light fluffy meringue cloud and all supported by a thin Graham cracker base.

Watermelon strawberry candy on ice

BLUE GRAZBERRY A refreshing blend of Blueberries, Raspberries, with a splash of White Grape

A delightful mix of Pineapple, mango, kiwi, and guava that will have you chuck-en clouds like a woodchuck.
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A unstable mix of perfectly ripe bananas, layered whipped creams and a hot flakey crust that erupts into a mouth watering banana cream pie. Proceed with caution.

0.25 Ohm 4/Pack 0.4 Ohm 4/Pack

****Online Store Only**** The Best way to Sample New/Different juice's is now here. All Juice Will be Offered will be in 30ml or 60ml varieties. The Mystery Box allows you to sample world-class flavors you otherwise might not have Tried, at Over 60-70% off retail. ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE Choose your desired strength, and let...

IJOY Captain CA Coil 3pcs  The CA coils are designed for Captain and Captain S Sub Ohm tank. They are more suitable for high VG e-juice. 3pcs each pack.

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