Why Should You Choose The Vladdin Starter Kit

Why Should You Choose The Vladdin Starter Kit

The Vladdin pod system has completely reshaped how vapers look at low wattage, small vaping devices. While many vapers like to experience powerful sub ohm devices, there is a category of vapers who like to have a less intrusive experience which allows them to meet their vaping expectations without creating massive clouds. Vladdin has truly inspired a new series of innovative small vaping devices.

Before the Vladdin Starter Kit hit the market, vapers who prefer small devices had limited options. Cigarette-style devices with glowing light tips on the end attracted a number of traditional smokers. However, early versions were highly problematic. The Vladdin closed pod vaping system is an improved version of early small devices which were expensive as well as complicated. Pen-style devices were also introduced before the Vladdin. They can be called an improved version of cigarette-like devices. With a longer battery life, customized settings and better performance, pen-like devices attracted many vapers.

Vladdin offers the desirable features of both pen-like and Cigalike devices. The closed pod systems designed like Vladdin starter kit device are compact, easy-to-use and small, allowing vapers to have an incredible experience without all the frills.

Notable features of the Vladdin starter kit

When the Vladdin closed pod vaping system was first introduced, it took the vape scene by storm. This pocket-sized device creates a whole new way for vapers to spend their vaping time. Here are some of the notable features:

  • Ease of use: Nobody likes to deal with plenty of complications in order to enjoy their vaping experience. The good thing about the Vladdin devices is that they don’t have settings and screen making it easier for new vapers to have a good start; just fix the juice pod in place and you are all set to start an amazing vaping experience.
  • Fast charging time: Vladin features an incredibly fast charging time of 1-2 hours dependent on the power source.
  • Superior performance: Issues like leakages, weak battery life, or clogged cartridge can ruin your vaping experience. With Vladdin, you can vape without being worried about these problems. Most vapers choose this device because of its durability and superior performance.

While the Vladdin starter kit is a great choice for many vapers, it continues to inspire new vapers. If you are a new vaper and like to vape using a smart device, you should try the Vladdin start kit to enjoy an exquisite vaping experience.

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