Vladdin RE Pod System: A Brief Review

Vladdin RE Pod System: A Brief Review

The Vladdin RE is one of the sleekest versions of the Vladdin pod system, a smart vaping device ideal for beginners. More and more companies are launching their own pod systems and most of them are focusing on producing refillable solutions. Considering the popularity of refillable systems, Vladdin manufactured a refillable version of their own device. It is a more refined form of the original Vladdin.

The product comes in a minimalist cardboard box, displaying some of the prime features, company information, and a precise description of the product. The box contains one refillable pod, the Vladdin vape pen, a micro-USB cable, and a user manual.

Design of Vladdin RE (Refillable) Pod System

The Vladdin Refillable Starter Kit offers a stunning design which makes it even slicker than the JUUL. The exquisitely curved metal body and the mouthpiece feel extra comfortable in the users hand. The transparent cutout is designed to help users see how much ejuice is left in the pod. So far as the design is concerned, we can describe this product as ‘elegant’. The company has clearly invested plenty of time designing this vaping device.

The refillable version of the original Vladdin weighs around 30 grams, making it easier for users to carry the product in small pockets. A small LED is the only noticeable feature with Vladdin logo and a charging port on the bottom.

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Functionality and performance

Vladdin is ideal for new vapers because of its simplicity, in terms of functionality. It is super easy to set up the device; insert the pod into the vape pen. Turn it the other way if it doesn’t fit in properly. Make sure the cutout on the pod is aligned well with the one on the vape pen. You can start vaping when the pod is properly connected. You won't find an on/off button to activate the device - drawing on the mouthpiece will activate it.

It is easy to snap off the mouthpiece. You can use a fine tip unicorn or a small dropper to pour ejuice into holes on the sides. It is recommended not to overfill the pod, as it can only hold up to 1.5ml of ejuice. Also, keep both holes unplugged so air can pass through while you are filling.

The silicone gasket on the bottom is one of the exciting features of the Vladdin pod. It opens to facilitate air passage. Conclusively speaking, Vladdin Pod Systems are simple-to-use vaping devices which are lightweight and provide great taste and no harshness from nic salts.

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