Vaping Etiquette Everyone Should Follow

Vaping Etiquette Everyone Should Follow

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as vaping etiquette. Unfortunately, vaping is forced in with all other ‘tobacco’ products. Hence, you have to respect the restrictions that come with that. The rules and laws differ by location and vapers have to be aware of them, especially because there is a lack of signs about vaping; which can be a real problem.

The solution is very simple, we will provide you with a guideline, of sorts, that you can follow and make sure that you don’t end up in a potential conflict every time you take out your vaping device.

Lack of Awareness about Vaping

The fact of the matter is that there is a severe lack of knowledge about vaping.

Some people think that vape smoke is worse than cigarette smoke, therefore, they apply more restrictions on it. This is why many of us have to vape inside our cars or homes.

While we hope that the situation will change soon and that people will take a different view of vaping, we can’t wait around for that to happen. Below is a list of etiquettes you should follow every time you vape:

Mind the Smoke-free people

When non-smokers or non-vapers are around, you should take some extra care.

The misconceptions about vaping are exacerbated when you start vaping at a restaurant and someone complains. This is a sure-fire way to get banned permanently in that establishment.

What should you do?

Simple, follow these rules:

  • Make an effort to blow smoke away from the direction of others. Remember that the smoke you exhale is not as fragrant as the one going in, and some people are especially sensitive to it.
  • Don’t try to vape covertly. You can’t sneak off to vape and expect that no one will be able to smell it. It does leave a very noticeable after fragrant.
  • Need to change the coil? Or any other mod maintenance? Or fill the tank? Make sure to do that at home and try not to do it in public.
  • When you have to do it outside of your home, try not to spill the e-juice. Find a sink or flat surface, it works best when refilling.
  • Always ask before you vape in a public area or establishment. It's the polite thing to do, and it ensures that you won't be asked to leave.

Bring Vaping Respect to the Friend-zone

People that have to deal with your vaping the most is your friends, even if they are vapers themselves. They may not like the same flavor or the device you are using. Remember to follow these guidelines:

  • When you are at a friend’s house, which is a vaping friendly place, don’t get careless and spill e-juice while refilling your tank. Asking before changing coils or filling tanks at someone's home is just basic courtesy.
  • Do inform your friends about the nicotine level or e-juice potency before letting them use your vaping device. And ask the same thing before using theirs.
  • Always ask for permission before using someones device.
  • For the non-vaping friends; be polite and ask for permission before you vape inside their house or car. Even if they are cool with it, it's always nice to be asked before vaping.

The simplest conclusion to draw from the information above is that you have to be polite; before, during, and even after vaping. This will help build goodwill and a positive perspective on vaping.

Spread the information above about vaping whenever you can and we will have less restrictions in the future.


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