Understanding Direct-To-Lung (DTL) Vaping

Understanding Direct-To-Lung (DTL) Vaping

If you are one of those smokers struggling to quit, chances are you have already considered vaping as a viable solution which can help you beat the nicotine addiction. However, vaping can turn out to be a complicated concept for people who haven't tried it yet. As a beginner, you should do some homework before diving in because vaping is a world where possibilities are endless.

Which vaping device will be ideal for you? How should you vape? What flavor will work best for you? These are some of the questions you need to figure before making your first purchase. This blog post will uncover the direct-to-lung vaping technique. This inhalation technique has its own set of advantages. Most new vapers buy a device without exploring the right inhalation method. If you feel like you’re not having the vaping experience you are looking for, you probably need to try another style. Let’s have a look at the DTL vaping experience:

Direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping

As the name suggests, direct-to-lung inhalation style is when a vaper inhales the vapor straight into the lungs. This style is similar to the way we normally breathe. Ex-smokers often find the DTL method helpful as it simulates the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes. However, if you are one of those ex-smokers exploring vaping, it is advisable not to try direct-to-lung vaping until you get familiar with vaping.

The direct-to-lung method is not very comfortable when the nicotine strength in the e-juice is high. Just think about the moment when you smoked for the first time in your life and coughed like never before. After smoking a few cigarettes, your lungs became familiar with the experience and you were able to smoke comfortably. DTL vaping can be a similar kind of experience.

Direct-to-lung vaping, however, helps vapers produce heavy clouds. If you’re interested in trying cloud chasing and other cool tricks, DTL can be fun. Before trying direct-to-lung, make sure the environment around you is right for this activity.

So far as equipment is concerned, you need a sub-ohm tank and a device which can put out decent wattage. Sub-ohm tanks are equipped with organic cotton and large wicking ports which ensure non-stop flow of e-juice to the coils and create massive clouds of vapor. After selecting the right device, it’s time to select the right e-juice. Vape juice high in vegetable glycerine (VG) is ideal for DTL vaping because of its thickness level. Vape juice with 70% VG or higher will work well.

When it comes to selecting the right nicotine strength for DTL vaping, anything higher than 6mg should not be considered. E-juice with nicotine strength higher than 6mg can create a painful burning sensation in the throat and lungs.

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