How To Maintain And Clean Your Vape Device

How To Maintain And Clean Your Vape Device

Your brand new vape device is likely to lose its shine and performance if not properly maintained and cleaned. For long-term performance and usage of your vaporizer, vape pen, or any other device, it is important that you take good care of your vape gear. A vape device with clean components certainly produces maximum flavor on every hit.

Maintaining a vaporizer properly is the only way to extend its service life. Cleaning a vape device includes disassembling different parts, inspecting them for damage, and clearing them of residue left behind by vape materials.

Construction of vape devices

Before we talk about vaporizer cleaning tips, let’s have a brief look at the anatomy of vape devices. A pen-style vape device is typically made of three components: tank, the coil, and the battery. The tank carries e-juice and it is generally coupled with the atomizer. The coil is a heating component that converts e-juice into vapor. The battery, as the name suggests, is the source of power.

The design of box mods is almost similar to that of a vape pen except they contain a powerful battery and a larger housing, this is why vape boxes produce enhanced e-juice flavors, more vapor, and better throat hits. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your device as new as it was on the day you purchased it:

When should you clean your device

It is recommended to clean and rinse the vape tank every time you change the flavor so that your new flavor is not mixed up with the last flavor used. Give your device a weekly once-over and clean it thoroughly at least once a month. It is not necessary to follow a strict schedule, you can carry out the cleaning task whenever you feel your device is not giving you the optimum experience.

How to clean the tank

If you want to enjoy the most refined taste of your new e-liquid, never put new flavors in the tank which still has the last e-liquid used. Here is how you should clean the tank:

  • Disassemble the tank and dispose of any e-juice remainings.
  • Place the tank in a bowl containing warm water.
  • Wash tank components in water, you can add a drop of dish soap if the tank is dirty.
  • Use a paper towel to dry off each component.
  • Air dry the components for 2 minutes before reassembling the device.

You can also use non-flavored vodka as a solvent to dampen a piece of cloth and scrub components to a deep clean.

How to maintain the coil

There is not much we can do to bring a problematic coil back to life. Since the flavor largely depends on coils, it is advisable to change coils relatively often. When the coil is visually crusted or damaged or you are having a burnt taste or there is decreased vapor production, it’s time to change the coil. Changing coils in vape devices is a simple process.

Common maintenance tips

When it comes to maintaining the e-liquid level in the tank, make sure there is sufficient e-liquid in the tank. It is a good practice not to overfill the tank all the way to the top. Moreover, keep the vape juice in the right environment as exposure to any extreme temperatures will lead to poor vape performance.

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