How To Get More Flavor From Your E-Cigarette

How To Get More Flavor From Your E-Cigarette

Most vapers enjoy putting out a satisfying amount of vapor and there is nothing wrong with that. There are tons of guides out there explaining how to create massive amounts of vapor clouds. However, it’s difficult to find something helpful on how to get the best taste out of your vape juice. If you are a flavor-chaser, the following are some valuable tips that will help you maximize the flavor from your e-cig:

Adjust temperature settings

In order to enhance the flavor you get from your e-juice, you have to tweak the wattage and temperature settings. Different settings extract different elements out of the e-juice for specific flavors. Having a variable wattage device is, therefore, ideal for flavor-chasers. It is recommended to start at lower settings and work your way up gradually until you reach the sweet spot. Since every e-juice has its own sweet spot, you have to experiment with your flavor. Your favorite e-juice may produce the best taste at 35 W while the other may shine at 20 W.

Reduce airflow

Big airflow is a key factor for cloud chasers. When someone gets plenty of air going through the coil, the vapors get less dense but lead to massive clouds. The best approach for flavor chasers is to close off the airflow. It will produce a denser warmer vape which offers more refined flavor. You can control airflow If you have an adjustable airflow system on your atomizer.

Just like temperature settings, you have to understand the right balance. If the airflow is too closed off, it will lead to poor vapor production. So, again, start low and work your way up until you find the right settings. Moreover, select smaller bore coils and chambers wherever possible to complement the restricted airflow.

Coil and wicking materials matter

The quality of your vaping products can have a big impact on your vaping experience. Coil and wicking material can influence the flavor you get. The standard e-cigarette uses silica wicks which mute the flavor of e-juice. This is why cotton has been a preferred wicking material for vapers. However, there are choices other than cotton wicks. Vapers often recommend Japanese organic cotton which comes with excellent wicking features. It offers smooth flavor from the vape juice.

Select PG/VG ratio carefully

It is important to consider the PG/VG ratio as it can have a significant impact on your vaping experience. Cloud-chasers like to have e-juices with high VG because it produces big clouds. However, if you want to enhance your flavor, choose higher PG vape juices. The disadvantage is that PG gives harder throat hits and it can make vaping too harsh.

The good thing about vaping is that you have plenty of choices, combinations, flavors, etc. that allow you to customize your vaping experience according to your preferences.

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