How To Choose The Right E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

How To Choose The Right E-Liquid Nicotine Strength

New to vaping and wondering what nicotine level would be ideal for you? Before finding a reliable answer to this question, you need to define ‘why do you vape’. Are you planning to quit traditional smoking and thinking about choosing vaping as your nicotine replacement therapy? Is vaping just a part of your lifestyle? The reasons why people vape may vary from person to person. Choose the right e-liquid nicotine strength based on your health, style and preferences.

E-liquid with the right strength

E-liquids come in many nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to as high as 42mg - the strength of e-juice is gauged in mg/ml. It is possible, though theoretically, to define how much e-juice you are vaping. The performance of your device and the rate at which you vape can make a big difference to how much nicotine you are actually inhaling. For example, using an advanced atomizer and e-juice with 3mg of nicotine level will give you the same experience as you’d get from a starter kit using e-juice with nicotine 6mg strength.

Some people are experienced with nicotine products and they understand what a certain level of nicotine will do to their bodies. 12mg to 16mg nicotine levels are comparable to most traditional cigarettes. As a smoker, your body becomes used to a certain level of nicotine. Vaping an e-cig with less nicotine strength than that of your cigarettes will increase your chances of getting back to traditional smoking. It is advisable to start with around 16mg nicotine level and then lower it down gradually.

You can either absorb nicotine through the skin using patches or through the mouth using gums, or you can inhale it through vaping or smoking which is the fastest way to kill nicotine cravings. Vaping is an effective alternative to smoking because it provides an ex-smoker with an instant supply of nicotine. Besides, vaping gives you control over nicotine consumption.

Selecting the right nicotine strength will lead to an enjoyable vaping experience. If you are a cigarette smoker aiming to undergo a successful transition from smoking to vaping, find an e-juice which contains almost the same level of nicotine as your cigarettes do.

If you are not a smoker, it is important to realize that nicotine is an addictive substance which can have a significant impact on your body. In this case, you can go for zero nicotine strength or, in other words, just enjoy the flavors and be a part of your vaping community. Conclusively speaking, make sure you are making the right choice considering your health and objectives.

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