E-Juice Flavors: Know Your Taste!

E-Juice Flavors: Know Your Taste!

There are many reasons why the vape industry is growing in popularity. One of the main reasons is for the sheer pleasure of experiencing the thousands of flavors vaping offers. Finding the best flavor is like an unending journey, a journey filled with adventures. From fruits and desserts to cocktails and even cereal, tastes can be subjective. With so much going on in the vape industry, the blending of e-juices with other flavors is another story where one formula would work for you, but for others, it would be a totally different story. We have come up with a list that may help cut subjectivity and showcase some of the best flavors of e-juices in the vape industry.

Boosted E-juice

One of the most popular e-liquid flavors which astoundingly beats out many others. Its creamy strawberry flavor has been known to be in demand amongst many vapers. This authentic flavor is strawberry milkshake in liquid form. It is well balanced and the combination is both strong and delicious. Many vapers would call this an all-day vape and it's hard to find someone who doesn’t like it.

Oh-Face from Beantown Vapor

Another combo of rich cream and strawberries but the difference is it has many other flavor notes added to it for enhancement. It is a complex taste which is strong but with the Unicorn Milk, it doesn’t have the overpowering taste which puts people off. Plus, the extra flavor provides many with something extra and many vapers can disagree but it is easily equaled to a strawberry dessert feel.

Soul Custardy from Beantown Vapor

Another creation by the flavor magicians. Beantown Vapor is a Boston-based producer of various kinds of flavors and e-liquids. This creation takes on the vanilla custard to turn it into a smooth creamy taste without the egg undertones. Its topped off with other remarkable flavors like brown sugar, butterscotch, and bourbon. It is a well-received and a well-reviewed product for vapers who like custard flavors with a twist in its capabilities to please the palates.

Cuttwood’s Unicorn Milk

One of the best mixes around, Cuttwood from Los Angeles, California is the “Sauce Boss” who are proud to produce high quality and well-crafted flavors. Unicorn Milk is their most famous product to date and it is blended to create four different creams apart from natural strawberry which was also released around the same time. Rich, creamy, and the subtle strawberry work together to make a lasting impression on vapers. Critics, however, felt that the hype was a bit excessive but apart from pre-conceptions, it’s very popular among many.

Shurb from Jimmy the Juice-Man

From Chicago, this mixer set themselves up with premium juices. With humble beginnings, Jimmy the Juice Man has grown over the years with the huge increase in demand from vapers. Their most popular flavor, Shurb, is a mix of raspberry, orange, and lime with loads of sugary sweetness. It aims to impress and the flavor is a balance of sour, citrusy notes.

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