Basic Tips To Troubleshoot Non-working E-cigarettes & Devices

Basic Tips To Troubleshoot Non-working E-cigarettes & Devices

The vaping industry has witnessed unprecedented growth over the past decade, with millions of people turning to vaping as an alternative to traditional smoking. With the steep rise in demand for e-cigarettes, manufacturers now focus on bringing in innovative hardware products and competitive e-liquids. However, regardless of the cutting-edge technology, the basic components of an e-cigarette remain the same: a battery, a tank, and an atomizer coil.

Just like so many other electronic devices, the battery provides power to the e-cigarette. A mod hosts not only the power supply but also other parts as well based on the nature of the device. The advanced mods usually contain a touchscreen, microprocessor, bluetooth connectivity, and a temperature control mechanism. On the other hand, basic e-cig batteries just consist of a battery housed in a metal frame and a button which provides activation.

No matter the type of battery configuration or the functionality, inexperienced vapers often face problems using their vape batteries and mods. The good news is that you can fix so many of the vaping issues at home using simple and quick troubleshooting techniques. Here are some quick tips to resolve common problems of internal vape batteries:

Make sure the battery is charged

In most of the cases, manufacturers charge the batteries before delivering them to the market. However, this is not always the case. When the manufacturer charges the batteries before sending them to the distributors, by the time the unit reaches the consumer, much of the charge is depleted. So make sure you charge the battery before use.

Check the connection

The tank, battery/mod, and the atomizer coil are three basic parts of a vaporizer. Once the battery is activated by pressing the power button, energy reaches the atomizer coil and heats it, thus vaporizing the e-juice within the tank. A connection between the atomizer and the battery must be established in order for your device to function properly.

Vapers often experience a malfunctioning device and they assume that the battery is defective. In most cases, the battery works as it should but it does not make a connection with the atomizer. Therefore, ensure the atomizer coil is tightly screwed onto the base of the tank. Also, the tank must be securely fastened to the battery.

Examine your atomizer

There is one more situation when the atomizer doesn't function properly and vapers blame the battery. It happens when the two ends of the wire do not establish the connection to the base; as a result, the atomizer coil fails to heat when met with power. Switch out the faulty atomizer with the new one. If the problem still persists, try another troubleshooting technique.

Stealth mode can deceive

Advanced mods are designed with a stealth mode function which allows you to turn your device’s screen off while vaping. This function helps vapers save battery life as display screens deplete battery quickly. Some vapers prefer to put their mods on stealth mode when vaping in dark places. It is possible that you accidentally put your mod on stealth mode while adjusting something else. Consult your user manual to learn more about the stealth mode functionality.

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